Friday, 23 March 2012

William kentridge. Five Themes. Exhibition.

On the 18th March I went to see this exhibition to get some new and fresh ideas for developing my Shadows Puppets and Theatre Puppets to create mock ups for the RCH Visual Poetry Installation.
What I found really interesting was the small theatres Kentridge developed with different projections inside to create the atmosphere and the scenography (The Magic Flute / Black Box/Chambre Noire ( as part of Theme 4: Sarastro and the Master's Voice: The Magic Flute), the five short films all projected at the same time into the ending room (specially the one of the dictator dancing shadow, and the one with the horse and Kentridge's performance ('I am not me, the horse is not mine').

I got many ideas for creating the inner body system projections as the background of some animated poems. It will be also very interesting to do something with the kids using dancing movement projections.

A really interesting exhibition that nobody should miss.

The Magic Flute:

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