Sunday, 15 July 2012

ArduinoR3 and Unojoy

I am working now on the idea of creating puppets as controllers, so children will be able to navigate around the Unity 3D Landscape with their own made puppet instead of doing it with the mouse or the keyboard. In doing so I will explore the interrelation between physical movement (hands puppets) with a tangible object to play in a digital game (untouchable). Kids also will be able to take their puppet back at home and explore, play and increase their imagination with new ideas that maybe we could bring back to the digital environment. My idea is to create a game that not only explore the interrelation between bodily self-expression and body image in digital games but also to break the boundaries between digital and touchable.

For doing so I will use Unojoy (created by my college Alan) to make it work.
Let's try our best!


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