Tuesday, 30 October 2012


IMPROVISATION TECHNOLOGIES, A Tool for the Analytical Dance Eye.

Idea about Improvisation Technology
This video opens the possibility of using technology in order to improvise in a more imaginative way, using architectural-body representations as Jacques L’ecoq's technique does. It is very interesting how movements that can be very abstract, can represent and depict inner emotions and also become tangible objects with digital technology. So they become digital-tangible objects to explore body perception through imagination. 

Let's explain the idealist process:

A)  Bodily Improvisation with music,  playing different animal’s behaviour, elements, emotions and   objects representation, such as tree, rivers, mountains, etc.
B)      Record the improvisation
C)    Looking at them from abstraction – to representation (in group = creating in group improves imagination.
D) Transfer into digital representation with Kinect technology, projections or photoshop software to facilitate play
E)      Transfer it into a game to be used: X-Safari, Laughter Treeor a new one =  "Improvisation's Body"

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