Sunday, 3 February 2013

Laughter Tree. Finding out problems and ways to solve them out

We created a video to show what we been working so far and also to test the game. After the testing we realized that there were different problems related to: 

- Engagement: We needed to engage the players much more in the experience
- Design: We needed to design the strategies of the game and clarify the dynamics
-Gamification: We needed to defined the game to be primary implemented in hospitals and link the tangible play (puppets and shadow puppets) to the digital experience.

In order to do that we defined a new designed and narratology for the game. We ended up with these new objectives:

- A) NARRATOLOGY: Create a small story of silly and surprising events to engage the player. We took these ideas from humour techniques and comedy techniques.

-1) Design:  Designing Cartoony Digital Characters that represented tangible puppets made    by the kids. - -2)Sound: Creating and implementing sound track and sound.
-3) Kinect Movement: Implementing the use of legs during the game plus the upper limb's movement 

-C) GAMIFICATION: To use the new design as a link to the medical environment.

Through the use of these new strategies we expected to increase engagement.

Photos of the Project Process:

Mock up of the new implementations.

Sound Recording. Courtney (Sound Designer)

Sound Equipment. Recording Session

Sound Recording at RMIT Sound Studios. Feb 2013
Photos of the New Characters Designs: 

New Tree.
A) The game was no

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