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I arrive at the hospital on Thursday, May 23, 2013 to talk with the director of the Department of Education, Anahi and meet the rest of the team of teachers: Jose, Esther, Begona, Yolanda and Cristina. Anahi introduces me to the rest of the team who is very interested in installing and developing the project as well as in finding a way to carry it out. Apparently the word "Installation" creates considerable confusion because in spanish it evokes a permanent exhibition work rather than an active and dynamic arkwork in development. Once understood the confusion, we choose to talk about "workshops" rather than "installation".

Soon Boro arrives, the professional photographer from the hospital. I show prototype samples of the shadows and puppets as well as the interactive digital game "Dr. Giggles ". Boro takes photos for the press and for the hospital's official website. 

(Ruth. Hospital. 2013)

(Anahi, Ruth and Belen. Hospital. 2013)

Anahi explains me the operation of the classroom. The way to work in the classroom is based on projects that children and teachers develop every week. Proposals for volunteers or workshops are on par with the topic of the projects, which this week is about "Performing arts". Dates are all mostly closed and because of the characteristics of my project, they propose me to make the workshops the next day, Friday, to enter into the subject matter. A little bit scared at the same time that excited I reply, "Okay, if there is no choice. You caught me a litter bit surprised, but no matter ... ". However, we decided to postpone it for the next week, whose theme is 'The Hospital'. "Uff.." I breath.

This new decision fits perfectly by the developed method (Disensititation) and allows me to prepare all the material for the weekend: dye bandages and gauzes with different colors (red, orange, blue, yellow, green and purple), stretch them and dry them, prepare the sticks with metal latches for shadow puppets, cut different templates of animals, preparing cotton heads hand puppets, as well as collect and organize all materials: paints, X-rays, cotton, bandages, plasters, tape, gauze, scissors, glue, cardboard, and the questionnaire for the Kids. All organized by the moment. I feel really excited and happy! :)

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