Tuesday, 10 April 2012

TJ* An Animatronic Puppets

 Jeff Kessler has created TJ, an animatronic puppet that moves his mouth and eyes with a servo controller. Jeff kessler has developed a controller using Arduino. What is amazingly exiting for me it is that TJ is a beautiful toy for kids to express their emotions, so instead of using hand or stick puppets we could also try to develop some kind of platform like TJ, I mean electronic hand puppets to help kids to move their hand fingers but also to express emotions. It looks quite complicated to me right now, but why not, let's try our best!

In doing so I can use the X-Rays Shadow Puppets as the background environment for the game, the jungle. kids will have to move the hand puppets, as 'Princess Lazy Lizzard' to explore around and interact with different x-rays animals and characters in the game.

I am thinking about the therapeutic use of this hand-globes puppets. So we could create hand-puppets for recovering treatments that requires physical training and hand fingers movement exercises.

I am getting very interested in creating an artefact for expressing emotions, so still we could try with to track kids face expressions and reactions in the game, and translate them into the avatar's face, such as Princess Lazy Lizard.

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