Monday, 11 June 2012

New Step = Digital Game

I haven't written much since last time I came into my Blog and many interesting things have happened.
Being at the Exertion Games Lab at RMIT is one of the most important new events that have happened recently. Surrounded by such an amount of great researchers and artists it has influenced and developed my research skill, imagination and point of view amazingly and I find myself immersed in a new great and fantastic world in which to use, explore and develop my project through Digital Game. This last month I've been learning Unity 3D and exploring different possibilities to create games that incorporate and explore the relationship between Bodily Self-Expression and Body Image. The exploration of this interrelation is now becoming a game called 'Laughter Tree" which will be used in hospital environments and which is part of a bigger Digital Game. Here there are some images of the project development.

Thank you very much for Kit and Chris who are helping me a lot in order to make 'Laughter Tree' a really interesting game for sick children to explore Body issues through Digital Game. Cheers!

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