Monday, 11 March 2013

JUEGATERAPIA, bringing play for hospitalized children

"Juegaterapia" is a Spanish Organization that brings play to hospitalized children. Among its activities it stands out the gathering of consoloes and digital games to bring them to hospitalized children in different centers and hospitals in Spain.

They have also have created a project that involves the creation of a garden in  hospital. Children can bring a seed, plant it, foster it and see how it grows and develops. It is called El jardin de la Paz (The Garden of peace). Other activities involve decorating hospitals, purchandizing of T-shirt and objects to sustain and fund the organization and the arrangement of activities such as rides and sports activities to promote it.

"Juegaterapia" believes in what is being called "Virtual Anesthesia", (Anestesia Virtual), a method that utilizes virtual play that helps to reduce the pain associated to surgical intervention and mdical procedures. It also dicreases the necesity of utilizing pharmalogical therapy and minimizes the risk associated to children sedation.



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